Kevin Lawley

Product Industrial Design Engineer Tadley

Industry experience with design sectors such as medical, engineering and
consumer products. A degree in Product Design at Bournemouth University
School of Design, Engineering and Computing. Working in industry at some high
profile and demanding positions has given me a diverse range of skills, abilities
and understanding of Design, Art and Information Technology.

My personal approach to design is to appreciate the balance between User,
Manufacture, Environment, Social and Clients needs. As a designer and an
individual I have always had a creative and methodical mind considering every
factor that requires to be taken into account, striving to produce products that
have real world demand.

I see myself as hard working with a diligent work ethic. Eager to learn aiming to
always produce a high level of work that is acceptable for my personal aspiration
and driven by my passion for design. Always willing to challenge myself in order
to develop as a designer.